Day After Infinity

Book #1

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Day After Infinity, a high-paced space adventure, asks the question, "What is the meaning of self?" Ryan Char boards the first colony ship to Tau Ceti as a lowly crew member but soon learns he was selected for very specific reasons: he heals faster than anyone in the solar system. His job is to save his ship in the unlikely case of disaster. With a snarky AI implant, a doubting captain, and Murphy’s relentless law, he finds himself in harsh circumstances that force him to adapt.


What’s New?

Here’s What’s Happening

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Version II

While my beta readers loved the themes of the first version, its humor was too dark and the pace was too slow. In this version, I pulled back on the prolonged engineering feats and emphasized the relationships.

Version I

I originally wrote Day After Infinity to cope with my chronic illness. Writing a tortured main character helped me deal with my own mortality and personal limitations.

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J.F. Lawrence

Sci-Fi Fan / Nerd

As a lifelong sci-fi fan, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to contribute to this genre.

As a resilient but chronically ill animal, Worldbuilding is an escape from the suck.

You can learn more about me from my blog or webpage.