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Day After Infinity appeals to those who enjoyed We Are Legion, We Are Bob and Expeditionary Force.

In an age when technology vanquished natural death, Ryan and his sardonic AI implant are recruited at the last minute to board the first colony ship to Tau Ceti. As the lowest-ranked crewmember, he expects to cryogenically freeze right away, but the captain has other plans.

Ryan begins a training program for rare individuals who heal much faster than normal, a program that teaches him to survive every possible scenario that Murphy’s Law can deliver.

Murphy delivers big time.

“J.F. Lawrence's darkly humorous novel pokes at the question, What is the meaning of self?” -AD

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Version II

While my beta readers loved the themes of the first version, its humor was too dark and the pace was too slow. In this version, I pulled back on the prolonged engineering feats and emphasized the relationships.

Version I

I originally wrote Day After Infinity to cope with my chronic illness. Writing a tortured main character helped me deal with my own mortality and personal limitations.

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J.F. Lawrence

Sci-Fi Fan / Nerd

As a lifelong sci-fi fan, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to contribute to this genre.

As a resilient but chronically ill animal, worldbuilding is an escape from the suck.

You can learn more about me from my blog or webpage.

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